Meet the Staff

Devin Harper     President

Co-founder of Dragon Eagle Publishing, Devin hails from Celebration, Florida, but has spent the last seven years in Lianyungang, China. He got his start in editing there at MeiGuoMeng Education Group, which helps Chinese students revise their personal essays on US college applications.

But it wasn’t until Devin met Truitt Collyns in the MFA program at Argosy University that he got interested in publishing. He was excited to be the first foreigner to start a publishing company in China, and even when that turned out not to be true he still strove to create a platform for many underappreciated expat authors. In his free time, he likes playing with his dogs and creating 10-hour music playlists synced to different novels.


Truitt Collyns     Vice President

In his six years in Shanghai, Truitt’s worked tirelessly with the book community organizing citywide events. In addition to the annual pub crawl that kicks off the Shanghai Lit Fair, he’s also responsible for Jello Shot Monday poetry reads at The Bookworm and Whisk Away the Writer’s Block, a bi-monthly workshop where contestants race to compose a 1,000-word short story, taking a shot of whiskey after each 100.

Originally from Wisconsin, he’s glad to call China his home. When he’s not planning conferences and marketing events, he’s probably walking his dog, making some craft brew, or just sitting at home with a good book and a bottle of tequila in his lap.


Rui Jia Li     Treasurer

Rui Jia Li’s story starts at MeiGuoMeng, where he was a client of Devin Harper. Rui went on to study Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas, but unfortunately a family emergency, and the fact that he couldn’t read or write, in English or Mandarin, sent him home before he could finish his degree.

Rui reunited with Devin, who agreed to teach him English. Their lessons sparked discussion of starting a business together, and, as luck would have it, Rui’s father owned the fourth-largest bookstore chain in China. Rui and his father’s cash have been instrumental members of the Dragon Eagle team. And on a happier note, as of 2016 Rui is now only functionally illiterate in English and Mandarin.


Samantha Chao    Development Manager

Samantha came to Dragon Eagle two years ago with a simple goal: to publish as many books warning of Sharia law’s impending takeover of the American legal system as possible. Devin and Truitt had a different vision, but recognized her talents as a business visionary.

She was born and raised in El Paso, the daughter of a Chinese oil industry consultant. She moved to Guangzhou in 2012, citing the disturbing influx of Hispanic immigrants as her reason for moving. Though not much of a reader herself, there are two books on her career as a child beauty pageant star, and she’s currently co-writing a non-fiction book proposing capital punishment for abortionists and first-time drug offenders. In her free time, Samantha volunteers for the Animal Protection Foundation, which raises money to hunt wild and stray animals that pose a threat to humans.


Ding Yunyi  Assistant Development Research Manager

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Qate Blanjett   Developer of Coordinating Research Management Systems

Qate is the head of DiuQian Consulting, which targets bi-cultural, mixed-media, cross-promotion to engage in the development of strategic platform synergy research. At Dragon Eagle, he’s mostly in charge of wireless, marketing initiatives for global solutions to the analytic index of intermediary business design and executive marketplace tools to stock enterprise proliferation: outcome-based, transitionary paradigms and leverage-initiated engagement systems. In his free time, he likes playing with his two dogs.