Event Listings


Poetry Reading with Ding Yunyi – Come this Tuesday at 10 pm to Lawrence of Arabica in the Drum and Bell Tower district of Beijing for a poetry reading from Dragon Eagle laureate Ding Yunyi. Drinks are free for everyone who orders a steak.


CANCELLED! Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties with the cafe sound system, this event has been cancelled. Stay tuned for news on the rescheduling.



Jeff Jaynor Book Signing – We’ve been asking him for over a year and he finally agreed. Jeff Jaynor will be at The Java Joint in Shanghai next Tuesday afternoon, forging the signatures of your favorite dead Dragon Eagle authors. The first ten arrivals will be reserved spots in his forgery seminar.


CANCELLED! – We’re sad to report that Mr. Jaynor has had to flee the country following an embezzling scandal at the daycare where he worked. Stay tuned for news on the rescheduling.


6- 30-2016

Jayden Chen: A Story of Love and Hate Book Launch – Guangzhou Dragon Eagle members rejoice! We’ll be meeting up at The Brewhouse for Coffee near Ximenkou subway station to celebrate the release of Jayden Chen’s debut novel. A meet-and-greet will follow a dramatic reading of the novel’s query letter by the author himself.


CANCELLED!  Unfortunately, the book has not been completed at this time, and is really still more in the outlining stage. Stay tuned for news on the rescheduling.



Ding Yunyi and Stephanie Zhao – China Girls: Asian Women in English Lit – In the most recent installment of our lecture series, Dragon Eagle’s two female employees take a closer look at the changing role of Asian women in contemporary English-language literary fiction.  It starts at 7pm at The Bean Grinder in Shanghai.


CANCELLED! As you may have heard, the venue for this event has been shut down by police following a prostitution sting. Stay tuned for news on the rescheduling.



Workshop – Damien Everest on the Mechanics of Short Horror Fiction – We’re lucky to be hosting an outsider to the Dragon Eagle family for this workshop. You may know him from his long-form fiction (Scissor Death; Dark House Full of Aids), but’s he’s also a master of the short form. His two-hour workshop will be at The Coffee Shop in Suzhou at 5pm. Attendance is free for Dragon Eagle members who purchase his entire back catalog.


CANCELLED! Damien decided he doesn’t want to do it anymore.


12-12-16 to 12-15-16

Shanghai Lit Fair – Our favorite week of the year, the Shanghai Lit Fair is host to hundreds of events, including book signings, lectures, Q &A panels, poetry slams, speed writing competitions, artisanal pencil making, and this thing I saw last year where some contortionists spell out different words with their bodies.

Some highlights for Dragon Eagle members:

12/13 1:00 pm – Dragon Eagle Scavenger hunt – What year did Blake Colby win the CBA MVP? How many pages is Zero Point Infinity? What was the name of our intern who threw up at that book signing last March?

Answer trivia about Dragon Eagle and follow clues around Shanghai in our annual scavenger hunt. First prize is a year’s supply of books (Note: “Year’s supply” is defined as the number of books the average American reads per year.)

12/14 7:00 pm – Live Audiobook Recording – Come to Zaosheng Recording Studio to watch Zhou Fu Dan record the audio version of John Lazarus’s Zero Point Infinity. A few lucky audience members will get the opportunity to refill Mr. Zhou’s tea and adjust ambient noise reduction protocols.

12/15 6:45 am – Book Cover Workshop – Ever dream of designing a book cover for one of Tabitha Cartwright’s taut thrillers? Join us for a fun-filled morning of arts-and-crafts, where you’ll submit your cover for Dragon Eagle’s newest release.

All attendees must provide their resumes. Graphic arts majors familiar with Photoshop and InDesign preferred. The workshop costs 400 RMB.

Check the event calendar on the Shanghai Culture Center’s website for more details.


NOT CANCELLED, but Dragon Eagle has been denied permission to present and advertise at the fair. We’re saddened by the decision of the Shanghai Culture Center, and disappointed they’ve allowed a personal conflict to affect their judgment. This is a private matter, so please respect that privacy and don’t share the following information with anyone you know.

Anyway, one of our editors had a fling with an SCC board member and I guess he tried to force himself on her – I don’t know, from what I heard it was kind of a grey area, and it didn’t go anywhere. They revoked our license, even after we promptly and unanimously suspended that employee with pay. Or they would have if we’d remembered to pay the license fee.

We urge all friends and followers of Dragon Eagle to attend the fair nonetheless and support your local lit scene. And please refrain from heckling or vandalizing other events and exhibitions, despite how morally justified you might be in doing so.



The Godfather Film Showing – Come to our screening of The Godfather at A Cafe in Beijing’s Chaoyang district. Subtitles will be turned on so it still technically counts as literature.