Blood Shot

The ball is in our court.


What was the most you ever had riding on a basketball shot? Probably just thousands of dollars, or maybe your spouse for the night. But for Kable Anderken, retired NBA All Star turned Ohio private investigator, it’s life or death.

It starts with a phone call. Fran Blauchamp, an old flame, is in Wuhan, the Hong Kong of the Far East. In Wuhan, Kable learns Fran needs him to track down her missing ex-husband. They soon discover he was murdered, and even worse, the Chinese detective who suspects they were behind it doesn’t abide by things like “due process” or “the Fourth Amendment.”

Kable narrowly escapes an assassination attempt. A globe-hopping manhunt ensues. Kable, Fran and Carter search for Mr. Blauchamp’s real killers in Chinese sports bars, European driveways, American stadiums and other settings that revolve around basketball in a way that totally doesn’t seem forced.


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