Follower Follower

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Wang Wu, a sociopath with a knack for self-invention, is looking for one final score, and in Evelyn Tyrell, a reclusive industrialist, she finds her mark. But a trip to China gets her embroiled in a tale of international intrigue beyond the pay grade of a low-rent identity thief. And in Mr. Tyrell’s granddaughter, the woman she’s sent to retrieve, she finds what she never thought she would: a friend.

Donna McLaren, a fraud investigator with the FBI, has spent the better part of a decade chasing Wang Wu. When a potent mixture of obsession and desperation sends Donna to China, both women are set on a collision course through their strange new surroundings.  Follower Follower is a hilarious and horrific travelogue across the boundaries of human identity.


“The best and only Wang Wu novel I know of.” – Jia De, ShuPingRen Magazine

“Cartwright has created a book of her own – a unique blend of words, letters and punctuation that is, technically speaking, one of a kind.” – China Ministry of Propaganda

“Spellbinding, mesmeric and pulchritudinous.” – Book Reviews


Follower Follower is now available on Amazon, on Kindle and in paperback.