High Ground

High Ground, the latest novel by humorist John Lazarus, is a sweeping look at the impact of the international sand trade that is, at once, a plea for action and a cynical, riotous examination of human delusion and climate despair. From penetrating foundation to towering spire, sand forms the skeleton of modern civilization, and yet as the story unfolds fractures appear, in smothered Mozambican lagoons, lacerated Wisconsin hillsides and beyond. 

This is the story of five people who reject the terms of our one-sided treaty affirming human progress and expansion at all costs. But the obstacles to change – Kafkaesque bureaucracy, the slippery slope into radicalism, and, often, plain incompetence – prove difficult to overcome. Remaking the landscape may require digging a pit to swallow us all whole. 

High Ground is now available on Amazon and buried in several undisclosed locations across the globe.