Zero Point Infinity

A Matter of Life In Death


Suspense! Intrigue! Romance!

All things Dorothy Evans has tried to avoid her entire life. A middle management position at the worst mind uploading clinic in Shanghai has kept it this way. But things at Tiantang Industries – provider of digital immortality, server for a virtual environment host to “copies” of the recently deceased – are changing.

The Church of Guaranteed Miracles, a notorious pyramid scheme masquerading as a religion is out for blood after it’s discovered their founder was suspiciously copied before his death, an act blocking the church from its one true goal: tax exempt status. Dorothy must stop them and a rogue copy out for revenge, all while her new boss implements a strange business philosophy based on “professionalism” and “turning a profit.”

John Lazarus’s ZERO POINT INFINITY is a fast-paced page turning, in turn heart-wrenching and mind-bending. And there’s almost no spelling errors.


Now available in paperback and on Kindle at Amazon.

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