Six Reasons Why You Should Choose Dragon Eagle Publishing to Represent You

by Ding Yunyi

So there you are. You’ve just finished editing the final draft of your manuscript, that has some tangential relationship to Chinese-American relations, and it’s not a fantasy, satire and courtroom drama, and you’re thinking to yourself: “What now?”

It’s never been a more confusing and, honestly, horrifying time to be an author with all the publishing options you’re given. Some lucky ones might find themselves working with one of the Big Six. The failures will self-publish and then fail some more. But what about going with an indie publisher?

Here’s our list on why you should go with us.

Note: Starting in 2017, Dragon Eagle Publishing has started to represent living authors who have not already passed away under suspicious circumstances.

1. You are in control.

Most publishers will provide interior designers and book cover artists, who might not see eye to eye with you. With us, you still have to find the time and energy to do all that stuff on your own.

2. You won’t ever have to meet us in person.

Like most writers, you probably suffer from crippling social anxiety. Well, we’re not going to demand anything more than lots of signatures. No meetings, no handshaking, no smiling in public.

3. We don’t strive for things like fresh perspectives and diversity in representation.

As a company of mostly white males and a few women of the more attractive races, we feel it’s most important we find the most talented authors we can, no matter their race, creed or gender. And we certainly don’t want to make middle-aged, middle-class white males and females feel more ostracized than they already are in this day and age.

4. We don’t bother with fads like social media and email.


Dragon Eagle is all about results and sales. You can expect tried and true marketing methods, such as magazine ads and hiring paid actors to mention your book to strangers in coffee shops and bookstores.

5. Self-Publishing is just admitting you’re a huge failure

You’re not a failure, are you? Didn’t think so. Well, that’s good. Because we aren’t either and we don’t want failures in our midst. If you’ve self-published before, there’s a good chance we’ll refuse to work with you, or perhaps just scorn you with subtle ridicule.

6. Once your book exceeds 10,000 copies sold, your royalties are immediately put into a high performing hedge fund.

Now that you’re a success, it’s time to start acting like one. We’ve got great investment and retirement options for our authors at DRPub.

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